About F.LO.A.T.

Our mission is to provide the Saint Louis community with a unique floating experience not limited to floating, but also including what happens before and after each float. Our goal is to provide this experience to anyone that values curiosity, serenity, healing, growth, exploration, connection, and introspection.

We bring thousands of hours of professional experience in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. In this pursuit, we operationalize our commitment to research and development in order to progress in our understanding of healing and the human experience. Our vision is to make the benefits of floating accessible to everyone in the greater St. Louis area, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

We utilize continued research to fully understand healing and the human experience.



People realize endless benefits when they add floating to their lifestyle. With nothing to distract you, your levels of concentration and knowledge-absorption are astonishing.



People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more. Floaters often report the most complete relaxation they have ever felt.



When you float, everything you experience comes from within you. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life. Reports of creative and personal insights abound.

The Basics

A high level overview of what your experience at F.LO.A.T. will be like.

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1. Get Started

When you arrive at F.LO.A.T., we will be there to greet you, welcome you into our shared space, help you get comfortable, and answer any questions you have.

2. Experience

Then, we will walk you through the float experience. We will help you become familiar with the floating process, and answer any questions along the way. We’ll even provide some helpful floating tips that we’ve gathered over the years.

Finally, your float will begin!

3. Come Back to the World

When your float ends, we will be nearby and ready to provide a gentle transition into the after space, where you can enjoy any amount of time and space to process your float.

4. Continue Living Life

When you leave F.LO.A.T., you will probably continue on with your daily life. Many people report that they feel vibrant energy coupled with a deep sense of relaxation. You may notice a greater sense of calm, clarity and stillness. Many floaters report getting some of the best sleep they have ever had.

A life changing business run by life changing people!

Arathi Srikanta - St. Louis

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