A Mindful ReOpening

As St. Louis begins to reopen, we too have begun our own journey out of quarantine.  Starting Wednesday, June 3rd, we will be inviting FLOAT STL Community Members, supporters, and those who received credit through our COVID Health Care program, back to FLOAT STL. In the next phase, we will plan to happily invite everyone back to both of our locations. Our Guides have been busy preparing our spaces for Guests and learning new protocols that will keep everyone safe and relaxed for their floats.

There will be two Guides and three Guests in the building per time slot. All Guides will be asked to wear masks, and in addition, we are asking that all Guests wear masks until you are alone in your float room. If you do not have a mask we will ask you to purchase one from our store or reschedule your float. 

As we open we want to be mindful of our community and their health. With this as our guide, we have decided to reduce our hours to 10 am to 8 pm. We are offering 60 or 90-minute floats in our 10 am and 6 pm time slots. The remaining hours will only be used for 60-minute floats. This way we create space to implement our new cleaning and safety protocols, while also maximizing opportunities for accessibility. 

In order to limit the spread of germs, we are only offering our beverage service to go. We also ask that all Guides and Guests have no physical contact, handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, etc. during your time onsite. As well as utilizing the hand sanitizer provided upon entrance to the building. Hand sanitizer will also be available in all float rooms. We ask that all guests sign a non-COVID19 waiver in advance of each session. If you cancel your float session due to health/COVID19 related reasons there will be no penalty. 

So now that you know what is different, let’s talk about what is staying the same. FLOAT STL is here to make lasting, mindful impacts on our community. Our Guides will continue to create a warm and welcoming environment for you to enjoy your time with us. Above all else, we are committed to accessible floats that free you from your senses to give you a deeper, more meaningful mental experience. For everyone looking to rise above life’s daily demands, we provide a way to relax and improve mental and physical health, especially during uncertain and difficult times. 

Last but not least, we want to thank you, our community for your support and love. This is a learning process for everyone. Our hope is that by being mindful we can emerge as safely as possible and continue to serve our community. 

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