Float Center Manager – Anna Langenberg

I’m passionate about gardening! Getting my hands & knees dirty!!! Getting outside, Engaging in and with Nature as much as humanly possible. Creating relationships with the environment that which surrounds me, the animals & plants which speak multitudes. Camping, hiking, and embracing the rivers and creeks with my pup Dingo! Traveling around the country in hopes to get around the world.. to expand perspective & collect visions of change! Also, an Arts major~ hoping to integrate what I’ve learned, gathered, and grown into works of expression through drawing, writing, and Painting!  And this is just ONE of my endless passions.

Did I mention how much I love water, water is life! Every time I come across a creek or stream, I stop and sit to greet the reflections. The reflection is where I am complete, a reminder of my wholeness, where I meet the oneness of all things. The float tank too, asks me and calls me to stop and sit… And just be! To reflect upon and honor where I’m at upon this journey.”“FLOAT STL has provided me with a regular daily dose of Magic. A nurturing environment that has allowed me safety during such vulnerable times. FLOAT STLl along with its surrounding community has gifted me with the time and space to learn and grow, blossoming into this beautiful flower. Coming from soils so deficient and depleted, I’ve been able to recover from years of drug and alcohol abuse. Now the foundations of the soil begin to sustain itself, through the nurturing of the community and the connection of FLOAT STL and its waters.

In the future I dream to unite the human species with their natural environment. Connect them with what they’ve been longing for since before birth, and reconnect with the Earth! I’d love to guide others through the wilderness of their longing. While Trekking through the mountains, paddling through the valleys, and reminiscing in the prairies. Assist our people in caring for themselves and each other.

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