I find benefit in reminding myself this moment is safe, this moment is whole, this moment is complete.

I am passionate about connecting with others through personal stories and shared experiences. I believe we all can positively influence one another’s self-discovery, transformation, and growth with open hearts and vulnerable conversations. I often creatively explore these moments through film, video, and photography which has led me to travel opportunities, another big passion of mine.

I love floating because of where it takes me and the subtle effect it has had on my overall wellbeing. As soon as I lay down in the tank I am able to leave reality behind and travel through the depths of myself. Whether that means brainstorming creative projects, reflecting on personal challenges, focusing on my breath, or just falling deep into relaxation. No matter what my mind is doing in the float my body and spirit are always able to receive the benefits. Floating regularly has drastically improved my daily anxiety and exhaustion from unnecessary fears, worries, and assumptions. It definitely didn’t happen overnight, but self-exploration is a practice just as floating is too. I appreciate the fact that each float is its own unique experience because I continue to learn more and more about myself as the float journey progresses. I’m eternally grateful to be able to incorporate floating in my weekly self-care practice.

The community here is absolutely incredible. I feel heard, I feel appreciated, I feel loved, I feel wanted, I feel so well cared for in the FLOAT STL Family. Everyone is always willing to listen and help in the ways they can. It’s such a safe space for everyone who walks through the door from employees, guests, members, even the mailman! I love seeing first-time guests before and after their float. The amount of nerve and tension they leave in the tank always shows in the best way. Floating is such a vulnerable experience and I’m so grateful to host these transformational journeys. I love how open-hearted our guests are and their willingness to talk about their lives and experiences. The connection, bonding, learning, and growing together is what I love most.

In the future I dream of doing a help exchange program in one, two, maybe three or more different countries. I want to challenge myself to not only live in another country but also perform tasks outside of my comfort zone. I dream of assisting with the build of a meditation retreat center in Southern Spain or picking olives on a farm in the mountains of Italy or teaching English to children in Peru or teach art in Western Uganda or even practice permaculture in Australia. There are so many places I want to see and activities I want to experience in this world. Any opportunity handed to me to travel and immerse myself in another culture I will take it. It is the intimate moments with people who have entirely different backgrounds than myself that I cherish the most.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph each and every one of our lovely FLOAT employees! I am also lucky enough to create our TikToks! I have so much fun incorporating my photo/video skills here at FLOAT STL.”

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