Nina Kramer

I am passionate about uplifting others! I enjoy bringing kindness to everyone’s everyday life and helping everyone find their inner peace and happiness! Being able to work at FLOAT STL has made that possible for me because I truly get to meet with each person that comes in and share with them a bit of peace and joy.

I love floating because I love being able to get away for just a short time. I am able to let go and be one with myself. Sometimes people don’t have time to just step away and take care of themselves and floating is a great way to accomplish that.

My favorite thing about FLOAT STL is that it’s a community of great people. The community reminds me of a large family, If you come in often or maybe even once a year we always welcome everyone in with open arms! I love it because it’s my home away from home. It’s my happy place and I know I’m able to fully be myself.

In my future, I hope to travel! I want to explore and enjoy somewhere that is new to me and learn about all the beautiful stories that different places have to tell.

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