Paige Wilder

An affirmation I refer to is “Bring the thunder”. Back story: My dad and I were watching the show Grey’s Anatomy and one of the characters, Maggie Pierce, said this phrase and it just stuck with us. It helps me understand that I am confident, capable, and ready to take on anything without any fear. Anytime I struggle with anxiety or doubt, I repeat this phrase and feel so much better afterward.

In my free time, I take any opportunity to help children through volunteer work or partnering with organizations because I know that my career will be dedicated to doing so. It gives me so much happiness when I can help them succeed because they are the future and having someone to guide them & look up to will make all the difference in their lives.

Floating is a safe space for me. It allows me to calm my mind and reflect on things without any distractions or worries to stop me. It is where I am able to do some of my best thinking. One of the joys of floating is that I am more aligned with who I am. Floating is the time where I get to take care of myself and where I feel like I’m completely in control of my destiny.

I love working at FLOAT STL because it’s a stress-free environment and the ambiance of the place makes me want to stay forever. I love looking at the reactions of our guests before and after their float and discussing their experiences. FLOAT STL feels like a second home for me and everyone is accepted here. Also, I don’t have to wear shoes when I come to work and I think that’s amazing!

My dream is to become either a pediatric psychiatrist or general pediatrician. My goal is to serve as a resource for all children and adolescents. I want to create more opportunities for underrepresented minorities and address mental health care disparities. I can see myself starting my career in a hospital, but eventually, it would be amazing to have my own private practice.

My favorite hobbies are writing, listening to music, getting out on the tennis court, and catching up on my shows on Netflix. If you know anything about me, you should know that I am a theoretical thinker. I question everything and will always think of more what if’s.

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