Float Rooms vs. Float Pods

FAQ – What is the difference between the float rooms and the float pods?

One of our most frequently asked questions is about the difference between our float rooms and our float pods. This post is all about helping you understand our tank differences and similarities.

First and foremost, our float pods and float rooms are both float tanks! Both tanks allow you to have the same experience of effortlessly floating on the surface of the water for 90 minutes. They are both located inside of private rooms that have private showers, shower products, and everything else that you will need to float.

The main differences between our two types of float tanks are

  1. Appearance
  2. Ceiling height.

Let me lay it all out for you:

Our float rooms are tanks that we have built into your larger private room. When you enter your private space, you will see a door in the side of the wall (much like a glass shower-door) that you can open and then close behind you. When you open that door, you will see a large bath-tub-like tank, a high ceiling, and safety bars for support. The best way to get a sense of what this tank looks like is to imagine a giant-size, side-door-entry, stand-up, tub-bottom shower. At our Midtown location, your room has a 10′ ceiling and is approximately 8’L x 4’W. At our Maryland heights location, your room has a 7′ ceiling and is approximately 8.5’L x 6.5’W (a bit wider). The main feature of our float rooms is that extra ceiling space!


We carry the same float pods at both of our locations. The float pods are also located inside of a larger private room, but they are free-standing float tanks. The pods have a clam-shell-like shape. To enter and exit the float pod, you lift the pod’s lid (which is attached by a hydraulic latch that will not lock or seal), and then you lower it once you get in. The pods have a lower ceiling of 4’ and are approximately 8’L x 4.5’W. The pod has a colorful light that cues you in and out of your float experience. If you google, “genesis pod,” you will see that this tank looks quite futuristic!


Now, you might be wondering: which tank is better? This is a question that we can not answer for you. Sometimes people prefer the room’s spacious ceiling, whereas other people prefer the pod’s cozy ceiling, colorful light, and womb-like enclosure. A few of our owners, staff, and frequent floaters currently love the rooms, whereas others love the pods. If you’re having a hard time choosing, we recommend going with your gut, or giving us a call to ask your specific questions! We will be happy to help.

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