About Us

The FLOAT STL Experience

The FLOAT STL experience was thoughtfully designed for fellow humans seeking to optimize and transform their lives, minds and bodies. We believe every float is sacred; there are no routine floats or routine experiences. Every detail of your experience was considered, and brought to life through a combination of intention, experience and expertise informed by our background as mental and medical health professionals, and our insights on the transformational benefits of floating. 

Our Story

We (Kevin McCulloch and Jacob Resch) first connected in 2010 in a mental health care environment that focused on compassion, healing, and growth. Our shared ideas ultimately inspired us to design the concept of the FLOAT STL experience. With persistence and intention, we gathered the courage and support to make our vision a reality and in February of 2015, we opened FLOAT STL in MidTown, and were the first to bring floatation to the Saint Louis community. In November of 2016, recognizing a need to support our growing group of practitioners, we opened our second location in Maryland Heights to help create better access to this healing modality.  Since our conception in 2015, we are grateful to now have facilitated over 60,000+ floats, and introduce thousands of people to the transformative practice of floating.

Meet The Team

We are more than just a business with employees:

we are a community of individuals, professionals, artists, healers, and friends, co-creating a sacred space.

Kevin McCulloch

For a good portion of Kevin’s life he had wandered a path both outside of his awareness and unmarked by the signals of his own internal wisdom. The idea of intuition was largely unfamiliar and instead he unknowingly invested in a non-feeling existence which led to a dull sense of ache and emptiness. Over time this numbed feeling became familiar and thus went largely unnoticed. In the summer of 2007 while living in Prague, Czech Republic and working in Baku, Azerbaijan he was graced with a painful and terrifying experience forever altering his perception of existence. This event and the healing recovery period that followed realigned Kevin’s spirit to connect with a deeper knowing which he strives to resource in his current daily practice.

Shifting from a world view of competition, acquisition, and power as a business consultant to one of service, compassion, and love, Kevin found his way into being a therapist focusing on mindfulness, meditation, and healing. When Kevin found floating he was reminded, and returned to this experience of deep knowing, clarity, and truth. Connecting with Jake, Kevin found enthusiasm and support to pursue the creation of the float experience to welcome, share, connect, and create with others.

Jacob Resch

Jacob has always followed the curiosity of dreams, assisting in the creation of a vision to follow. This has taken him to explore European countries, live in Washington, D.C. and currently landed him in Saint Louis, MO. He has always been motivated by following his dreams and taking the risks required to do so.  In the current path of his dreams, Jacob decided to move beyond his previous job and has completed an accelerated nursing degree (BSN), spending time on a critical care unit. He also has a wealth of professional experience in the realm of the human mind and condition.

Jacob hopes that his experiences as a nurse will expand his current practice of integrative, holistic healing. These dreams deeply mixed with passion for exploring and understanding the human psyche lead Jacob into floating. The first time floating in a sensory deprivation tank Jacob felt the experience begin to evolve, to transform his passion and understanding of human consciousness and love. Ever since that moment Jacob has been researching and exploring float tanks and their benefits; spreading the word to all curious minds. Along this journey, Jacob’s path has converged and connected with a like-hearted and passionate soul, Kevin, creating FLOAT STL. He is excited for what floating can bring to Saint Louis and all the wonders and beauties that come along after the float.

Montel Moore

Montel is deeply passionate about the art of music and harnessing that art to make a positive impact in people’s lives. As an award-winning Musician and Singer-Songwriter, he strives to create music that is both spirit-lifting and catchy, paying tribute to the riveting sounds of the classical and jazz genres that catapulted him into the colorful world of music.

Born and raised in the heart of St. Louis, Montel’s unwavering passion for creatively expressing himself through the art of music began at the age of 12, and he has been driven by music and fueled by God ever since. Throughout the course of his musical career, Montel has served as the soloist for a multitude of special events and judge for numerous choir auditions. In both 2011 and 2012, he also was the proud recipient of the Louis Armstrong Award. Infinitely dedicated to creating positive change through the power of music, Montel has also worked as a Music Teacher at St. Angela Merici, and an Artist for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Montel Moore received his B.A. degree in Vocal Music from Lindenwood University.

Wendi Elmore

Wendi is a native St. Louis city resident. She has a background in visual and performing arts and studied art and art history at the University of Missouri St. Louis. She has since dedicated her time and efforts to spaces that support the self-care and economic empowerment of people of color, LGBTQIA and gender non-binary communities through tools that include yoga, meditation and now floating.

In her free time she enjoys checking out new art and music and taking several song and dance breaks with her daughter in their living room.

Yann Estaque

Yann is a native St. Louisian. After extensive travel, he is grateful to reconnect with his hometown. For Yann, floating has been a blessing in many different ways. He finds FLOAT STL to be a lovely space in which to ground himself between his extra-national jaunts. You can often find him reading with a view to writing or writing with a view to seeing in this home away from home, pondering the endless cycle of learning.

Samantha Villaire

A native to St. Louis, Samantha has always been inquisitive and enthusiastic about all of Mother Nature’s precious gifts; from the stars in the sky to the bugs in the dirt. She joined the FLOAT STL Tribe after leaving a high-stress property management job that left her drained and ultra stressed. Floating has allowed her to become reacquainted with relaxation and meditation techniques, as well as the importance of mind, body, and soul connectedness.

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