The FLOAT STL experience was thoughtfully designed for fellow humans seeking to optimize and transform their lives, minds & bodies. We believe every float is sacred; there are no routine floats or routine experiences. Every detail of your experience was considered & brought to life through a combination of intention, experience & expertise informed by our background as mental & medical health professionals, and our insights on the transformational benefits of floating.

Our Story

We (Kevin & Jacob) first connected in 2010 in a mental health care environment focused on compassion, healing, & growth. Our shared ideas ultimately inspired us to design the concept of the FLOAT STL experience. With persistence & intention, we gathered the courage & support to make our vision a reality. In February of 2015, we opened FLOAT STL in MidTown, and were the first to bring floatation to the Saint Louis community. In November of 2016, recognizing a need to support our growing group of practitioners, we opened our 2nd location in Maryland Heights to help create better access to this healing modality.  Since our conception in 2015, we’re grateful to have facilitated over 65,000 floats and have introduced thousands of people to the transformative practice of floating. The journey continues, as we’ve integrated other healing modalities into our service offering. We’re happy to now bring you infrared sauna & bodywork sessions to accompany your float experience.

Meet The Team

Montel Moore


Float Mentor

An affirmation I refer to is, “Nothing beats the favor of God.”
I love floating because of the void, the nothingness and, of being with myself.
What I love most about FLOAT STL is the community.
In the future, I dream of being fortunate enough to help as many people as I can in life.

I am passionate about uplifting others! I enjoy bringing kindness to everyone’s everyday life and helping everyone find their inner peace and happiness! Being able to work at FLOAT STL has made that possible for me because I truly get to meet with each person that comes in and share with them a bit of peace and joy. I love floating …
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I am passionate about being a hype-man: Making people feel supported and capable is important to me. I am passionate about opportunities to learn about people’s emotions and stories because that’s what makes us who we are/how we learn. What I love about floating is the immediate source of inner truth and peace. I love FLOAT STL because I’ve never felt like this …
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 I am passionate about exploring. From exploring in nature to new ways of being creative, you can usually catch me planning my next adventure in my downtime. As a Massage Therapist, I tend to be hyper-aware of the aches and pains in my body, especially the ones I take on from clients. Floating allows me to feel weightless, almost disconnected from …
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I believe that I’m in charge of my own happiness and because of this I emphasize the importance of making the most of every situation. I’m passionate about learning. Every day is an opportunity for exploration of myself and the world around me. I love floating because it’s my escape from reality that I didn’t realize I needed so desperately. I float …
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I find benefit in reminding myself this moment is safe, this moment is whole, this moment is complete. I am passionate about connecting with others through personal stories and shared experiences. I believe we all can positively influence one another’s self-discovery, transformation, and growth with open hearts and vulnerable conversations. I often creatively explore these moments through film, video, and photography …
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An affirmation I refer to is “Bring the thunder”. Back story: My dad and I were watching the show Grey’s Anatomy and one of the characters, Maggie Pierce, said this phrase and it just stuck with us. It helps me understand that I am confident, capable, and ready to take on anything without any fear. Anytime I struggle with anxiety …
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Yann is a native St. Louisian. After extensive travel, he is grateful to reconnect with his hometown. For Yann, floating has been a blessing in many different ways. He finds FLOAT STL to be a lovely space in which to ground himself between his extra-national jaunts. You can often find him reading with a view to writing or writing with …
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The Founders

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