Our Story

We met one another in an environment that focused on compassion, healing, growth, and wellness. After meeting, we found further connection through our shared experience and interest in floating. Together, we began to reflect on elements that enrich the process of human connection, healing, and growth.

As our bond grew, we continued to explore and expand our personal concepts of connection, healing, and growth. Our shared ideas ultimately inspired us to design FLOAT STL In the end, we gathered the courage to make our vision of FLOAT STL a reality. FLOAT STL is an extension of our collective prior experiences and our shared vision.

The Team

Kevin McCulloch

For a good portion of Kevin’s life he had wandered a path both outside of his awareness and unmarked by the signals of his own internal wisdom. The idea of intuition was largely unfamiliar and instead he unknowingly invested in a non-feeling existence which led to a dull sense of ache and emptiness. However this numbed feeling became familiar and thus went largely unnoticed. In the summer of 2007 while living in Prague, Czech Republic and working in Baku, Azerbaijan he was graced with a painful and terrifying experience forever altering his perception of existence. This event and the healing recovery period that followed realigned Kevin’s spirit to connect with a deeper knowing which he strives to resource in his current daily practice.

Shifting from a strategy of competition, acquisition, and power as a business consultant to one of service, compassion, and love, Kevin found his way into being a therapist focusing on mindfulness, meditation, and healing. When Kevin found floating, or floating found Kevin, he was reminded and returned to this experience of deep knowing, clarity, and truth. Connecting with Jake and Marcio, Kevin again found direction to pursue the creation of the float experience to welcome, share, connect, and create with others.

Jacob Resch, RN

Jacob has always followed the curiosity of dreams, assisting in the creation of a vision to follow.  This has taken him to explore European countries, live in Washington, D.C. and currently landed him in Saint Louis, MO.  He has always been motivated by following his dreams and taking the risks required to do so.  In the current path of his dreams, Jacob decided to move beyond his previous job and has completed an accelerated nursing degree (BSN), spending time on a critical care unit.  He is also an actively practicing psychotherapist with a wealth of professional experience in the realm of the human mind and condition.

Jacob hopes that his experiences as a nurse will expand his current practice of integrative, holistic healing.  These dreams deeply mixed with passion for exploring and understanding the human psyche lead Jacob into floating.  The first time floating in a sensory deprivation tank Jacob felt the experience begin to evolve, to transform his passion and understanding of human consciousness and love. Ever since that moment Jacob has been researching and exploring float tanks and their benefits; spreading the word to all curious minds. Along this journey, Jacob’s path has converged and connected with two like-hearted and passionate souls, Kevin and Marcio, creating FLOAT STL. He is excited for what floating can bring to Saint Louis and all the wonders and beauties that come along after the float.

Marcio Guzman, Psy.D

Marcio hatched near the shores of the great Lake Titicaca, which is on the border of Bolivia and Peru. Growing up near this large body of water, he often basked in the water’s flexible spirit. At a young age, his curious mind led him to attempt to float in it, but was unsuccessful since lakes are typically very low in salt. After completing high school in Bolivia, Marcio moved to Chicago. At this time, he was forced to become an adult. He joined the US Air Force, completed a graduate degree in biomed, a doctorate in clinical psychology, and committed himself to a successful career in the field of eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety disorders, human attachment, and mindfulness meditation.

Still troubled by his early unsuccessful attempt to float in Lake Titicaca, Marcio searched for and found a floating center in Chicago, where he reconciled his early aquatic childhood experience. His first floating experience was magical. He has been floating ever since and has been planning on opening his own float center since that day. Marcio then met Jake and Kevin, two men who shared his lovely enthusiasm for the floating arts, human connection, love, and elephants. The rest is history.

Rick Boling

Rick grew up in St. Louis, and has been exploring ways to bring community to the city ever since. He has a strong foundation in the arts, which has carried into his unique style of bodywork. Rick went to massage therapy school and became interested in alternative health practices during the process. He heard about floating and tried it for the first time in Chicago. That first float ignited a fire in Rick, and he knew he would be involved in floating from then on. He met Kevin at a float conference in Portland the summer before FLOAT STL opened, and was an intern from the start. Rick now works full-time at FLOAT STL and at his private massage and energy work practice Rest Bodywork. www.reststl.com

Luke Stiengruby

Luke was born and raised in St. Louis by a family of music lovers and artists. He came to FLOAT STL for the first time with a friend in the summer of 2015. After a pretty profound first float, he knew it was something very special. He came back every consecutive Friday for two months, and left each time feeling deeply rejuvenated and increasingly inspired. On his birthday, Luke got a call from Kevin offering him an internship at FLOAT STL (the best gift EVER), and in the following months he became a full-time member of the FLOAT STL family. Luke is also a passionate artist, actor and singer, and aspires to bring as many creative minds into the space as possible. Some of his best creative work has been born during float sessions. He is extremely excited about the future of floating, and the unlimited potential it has to enhance many facets of our lives.

Jessica Dowling

Jess was a child of the world. She was born in England, grew up in America and Switzerland and eventually landed in St. Louis. Jess met the owners of FLOAT STL and floated before the space officially opened. She did not like her first few floats, but eventually had a life-changing experience. After interning at FLOAT STL, Jess quickly became a full-time staff member. She is grateful for what floating has given her, and for what she is able to bring to the space as a woman. She has a deep desire to bring floating and therapy work together, and also has interests in floating, pregnancy and birth practices. Jess is currently getting her masters in clinical mental health counseling at UMSL.

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