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What is floating?

….A Journey into The Void.

Floating, also known as sensory deprivation, is a transformative practice, where the floater effortlessly floats in a solution of water and Epsom salt in a sensory controlled environment to achieve intentional solitude.
Frequent floaters have described their escapes into the void as an integrative life-hack, an adventure which provides a vast spectrum of benefits and solutions, such as increased creativity and productivity, emotional regulation, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and increased self-awareness.


  • Enhance Performance

    Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul to operate in complete harmony, so you can be your best self each and every day.

  • Boost Immune System

    Deep relaxation allows your body to decrease stress hormones, release endorphins, and enhance your resistance to disease.

  • Deepen Meditation

    Reset your nervous system in a way that lets you rise above mental chatter, settle into stillness, and experience laser focus.


  • Stress and Anxiety

    Floating has been shown to reduce state anxiety and muscle tension while increasing feelings of relaxation and serenity.

  • Inflammation and Stiffness

    Epsom salt helps boost the amount of Magnesium in your body available for energy production, muscle function, and the reduction of inflammation.

  • Aches and Pain

    Release all tension and pain patterns as your muscles relax completely with the combination of zero gravity weightlessness and the high levels of Magnesium in the water.


The FLOAT STL Difference

FLOAT STL is the original float center in the St. Louis area, and industry recognised progressive thought-leaders and innovators. FLOAT STL’s magic was created through a combination of intention, experience and expertise, informed by our background as mental and medical health professionals, insights on the transformational benefits of floating, and our philosophy that every float is a sacred escape.
Are you ready to journey into the void? Come experience the FLOAT STL difference for your 1st (or your 100th) float.

Floats Facilitated

Since 2015, we’ve welcomed thousands of floaters from the greater St. Louis area with expert guidance, sacred space, and warm hearts.

Explore The Void
Experience & Expert Guidance

While our Float Guides come from a variety of backgrounds, we all share a passion for floating, a commitment to our community, and a heart for service.

About Us

"This is an outstanding business with the highest possible standard for accommodating its customers. I thoroughly recommend visiting FLOAT STL if you have considered this activity on any level."

"I've floated all around town and tried different places and have to say that this is the best place to float in St. Louis."

"Great experience! The staff is so friendly, they explain everything in detail so I felt very comfortable. Everything was clean, the atmosphere was perfect. I've felt pretty amazing in the 24 hours since my first float!"

"Every employee I’ve encountered has been incredibly warm and friendly. I feel very comfortable entering the space and leaving the world behind. It's beautiful inside, and they've thought of everything, from sights, to sound, to smell. The float itself helps me clear my mind and relax, and because my body doesn't have to do anything to support me, most of my aches and pains float away."

"What a wonderful experience. I admit I was completely nervous at first. The staff made me at ease with explaining the process. My body and mind are so relaxed. I absolutely loved it and will be back for sure. Thank you!"

"My entire experience at float stl was absolutely amazing! The atmosphere as soon as you walk in relaxes you right away! My husband and I are both veterans so we both were able to float for free for our first time and we will most definitely be back! It really was the most incredible experience all the way around! "


What to Expect When You Visit

An Individual Experience in a Private Room

Each float device is designed for one person and is in a private space with a door that locks, a dedicated shower, and everything you’ll need to enjoy your float from start to finish.

A Variety of Options for Just the Right Amount of Space

Some guests prefer more room to stretch out, while others prefer a more cozy experience. Whether you choose a float room or float pod, we have the right space for you.

Everything You Need

We provide everything you’ll need for your float: towels, ear plugs, neck and body supports, shower products for both before and after your float, makeup removing wipes and a post-float prep room for after you shower and dress.

Complete Control of Your Environment

You are in full control of your float experience. You will have access to turn the lights on and off at any point during your float and you can choose to keep the door of your tank open or closed. You can also choose to float in silence or listen to soft soothing music.

A Clean and Tidy Float Space

Each room is thoroughly cleaned with an eye for detail between guests, and the highly sterile salt water in the tanks is kept clean with a triple filtration process, as well as diligent monitoring by our Float Guides.

A Comfortable and Welcoming Environment

We welcome you to arrive for your float as early as you'd like, and stay after for as long as you wish. We believe the float session is one part of a larger extended float experience. So come early to settle in and stay late to rest and integrate. Everything and everyone is here to serve you!

60 Minute Float

The total experience; welcome, orientation, shower, 60-minute float & a post-float chill takes about 90-minutes. $90

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90 Minute Float

An extended session for relief, recovery, and deep relaxation, $100.

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Monthly Memberships

Embark on your wellness journey with regular float sessions at our discounted Member rate. Enjoy further savings on additional floats as a valued member. starting at $59 per month

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Gift Cards

Have someone in mind who would enjoy the floating experience? Extend the gift of relaxation and well-being to a friend or loved one. Give the gift of wellness, health, and self-care.

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Infrared Sauna

Experience relaxation and mental ease with our Infrared Sauna. It aids in detoxification, boosts blood circulation, and alleviates inflammation. Plus, it's an excellent precursor to your float session!

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Cold Plunge & Contrast Therapy

Discover ultimate rejuvenation with our Cold Plunge & Contrast Therapy services available at our Midtown location. Experience accelerated muscle recovery, enhanced circulation, and invigorating refreshment.

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Discover convenience with our two St. Louis locations catering to your needs. Explore the original FLOAT STL in Midtown, or visit our second location in Maryland Heights. Choose your preferred location and enjoy the flexibility to switch between the two at your convenience.

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