We thrive on sharing our passion for the lifestyle and culture of floating, from understanding the basics, personal stories, to our philosophy and reason for existing. Our blog is a co-created effort, contributed to by the owners, our team and our floaters, and contains a multi-media combination of audio, story, and video.

  • Floating, Meditation, and Mindfulness-Adding Tools to your Mental Toolbelt

    September 10th, 2020

    Floating removes you from the outside world and gives your mind the freedom to wander wherever it wants to go. When you float, you don’t have anything you need to do. There’s nothing you need to work on. You have a space where you can lie down, removed from the pressure of thinking, discussing, or […]

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  • Member Series – Phanuel

    August 24th, 2020

    In this video Phanuel talks about how before his first float he felt both interested and nervous. He was familiar with the experience of claustrophobia and concern for being in an enclosed space that was completely quiet. Floating has helped to improve his mindset by creating a safe separation from the outside world. As a […]

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  • How Floating Dissolves Stress

    August 10th, 2020

    Even without the existential malaise of living through global crisis, our modern way of life tends to exert a lot of pressure on most people. As mental health research evolves, it’s become apparent that what we call “stress” can actually cause a lot of health problems; not just physical problems like heart disease and high […]

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  • Astronauts in float tanks…

    July 29th, 2020

    Did you know that the astronauts in the race to the moon were also floating? Floating was originally developed through programs at the NIH and NASA.  Beginning in 1957 astronauts in training for the moon landing began floating vertically for many hours at a time.  You can hear more about it in this video with […]

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  • Floating For Stress Relief

    July 17th, 2020

    Have you heard of Fight-Flight-Freeze? When we enter this mode, our bodies enact a cascade of events in hopes that we will mobilize ourselves towards self-protection. It looks like this: when we register a potential “threat,” our body releases cortisol (side note: high levels of cortisol are correlated to stress-related problems, including hypertension, depression, insomnia, […]

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  • Using Change (& Float Tanks) to Make Change

    July 13th, 2020

    As we go through this period of pause, we have a unique opportunity to think about what we want our lives to be like going forward. This is a rare moment where the systems and patterns we all have in place have been slowed down or stopped, and will need to be restarted or replaced. […]

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  • What is floating?

    July 8th, 2020

    Floating, also known as sensory deprivation, is a transformative practice, where the floater effortlessly floats in a solution of water and Epsom salt in a sensory controlled environment to achieve intentional solitude. Check out the video below to learn more! Frequent floaters have described their escapes into the void as an integrative life-hack, an adventure […]

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  • Floating is Safer than the Grocery Store

    July 8th, 2020

    There are lots of us who may want to start floating again, but may also reasonably ask if this is the right time to do so. After all, going anywhere right now carries a certain amount of risk along with it. States are facing the difficult situation of how to keep people safe, and how […]

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  • Local Collaboration with WashU’s NeuoImaging Lab and FLOAT STL Aims to Show Real Results of Floating on the Brain.

    June 24th, 2020

    by Alecia Humphreys Article originally published by Ladue News Since 2015, FLOAT STL has offered sweet relief to metro area residents in the form of reduction in stress, anxiety, inflammation, stiffness, aches and pains via flotation tanks – sensory deprivation tanks filled with highly concentrated Epsom salts water heated to skin temperature. But now, FLOAT […]

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