FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Brenden Ochs

Brendan Ochs

Hi there, floaters! This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members, Brendan Ochs! Brendan was born and raised in St. Louis. He primarily dwells in the humid, yet temperate, Arnold, MO living off of chicken and rice and sometimes peanut butter and jelly, if he is feeling… Continue reading

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    FAQ – Claustrophobia

    Every day, we receive questions and concerns about claustrophobia. And every day, people who struggle with claustrophobia exit their float and talk to us about it. They say things like, “wow, these tanks are so much larger than I imagined…I didn’t feel closed in…I didn’t feel trapped…that wasn’t scary at all…that was really amazing…” It’s… Continue reading

  • Frequent Floater Roger E at Float STL

    Frequent Floater – Roger E.

    Roger is a local police officer and self-identified FLOAT STL disciple. He was generous enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and discuss his floating practice. We hope you enjoy reading highlights from our conversation! How did you originally learn about floating? I was having breakfast at a… Continue reading

  • tea and water

    Floatation Therapy Benefits for Women

    A special message from our amazing women to our amazing women: The purpose of this post is to address topics that are specific to your body and your experience. We’ll make floating recommendations and address contra-indications for vaginal burning, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, periods, and pregnancy. Our hope is that this post will ease… Continue reading

  • Rise: Float Community Gathering

    FLOAT STL presents Rise: Float Community Gathering

    If you haven’t yet heard, we are putting on a celebration of all things FLOAT at the end of this month and we would love to see you there. Rise is a gathering of float enthusiasts and industry professionals to connect, discover and relax. We still have a handful of spaces left to take us… Continue reading

  • preparing for your float

    How to Prepare for your Float

    What do I need to bring? Nothing at all! Just yourself. We will have towels, robes, ear plugs, and products to use in the shower before and after your float. If you wear contacts, do be sure to bring a lens case and contact solution with you. What do I wear? Nothing at all! We… Continue reading

  • Maud Essen with tea at FLOAT STL Midtown

    Frequent Floater – Maud Essen

    Maud Essen is a frequent floater and a newly retired AT&T business analyst. She was generous with her time and sat down with us to chat about her floating practice. We had a wonderful chat, in which we bonded over love for cats and comfy socks. Let’s get started! How did you originally learn about… Continue reading

  • Float pod or float tank at FLOAT STL

    General Perceptions vs. Actual Experience

    FAQ – Is floating just new-age mumbo jumbo? Is this like Altered States?   This is a funny question, but also a serious one. Check any floating FAQ page, and you’ll likely find some form of these creative answers originally crafted by our friends over at FloatOn. 1. “Floating has been around for over 50… Continue reading

  • Meet Luke Steingruby - FLOAT STL Midtown

    FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Luke Steingruby

      Hi there, floaters! Hope you are all enjoying your spring. This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members, Luke Steingruby! As a formal introduction, you can find his bio on our about us page: “Luke was born and raised in St. Louis by a family of music… Continue reading

  • Midtown Welcome Room

    The FLOAT STL first-time orientation

    Hi there, soon-to-be-floaters! So many of you arrive at our location and wonder if we will offer you the information you need in order to have a gentle, relaxing and rejuvenating float experience. The answer is yes, absolutely! Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you have never floated before and offer you… Continue reading

  • Brian Harwood and Katie at FLOAT STL Midtown

    Frequent Floater – Brian Harwood

    Brian Harwood is a frequent floater here at FLOAT STL. He was kind enough to sit down with us and share about his floating experience.   How did you originally learn about floating? Originally, I heard about it through the movie Altered States, and I was curious about it then. But, Zach Smithey turned me… Continue reading