General Perceptions vs. Actual Experience

FAQ – Is floating just new-age mumbo jumbo? Is this like Altered States?   This is a funny question, but also a serious one. Check any floating FAQ page, and you’ll likely find some form of these creative answers originally crafted by our friends over at FloatOn. 1. “Floating has been around for over 50… Continue reading

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  • FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Luke Steingruby

      Hi there, floaters! Hope you are all enjoying your spring. This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members, Luke Steingruby! As a formal introduction, you can find his bio on our about us page: “Luke was born and raised in St. Louis by a family of music… Continue reading

  • The FLOAT STL first-time orientation

    Hi there, soon-to-be-floaters! So many of you arrive at our location and wonder if we will offer you the information you need in order to have a gentle, relaxing and rejuvenating float experience. The answer is yes, absolutely! Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you have never floated before and offer you… Continue reading

  • Frequent Floater – Brian Harwood

    Brian Harwood is a frequent floater here at FLOAT STL. He was kind enough to sit down with us and share about his floating experience.   How did you originally learn about floating? Originally, I heard about it through the movie Altered States, and I was curious about it then. But, Zach Smithey turned me… Continue reading

  • Float Rooms vs. Float Pods

    FAQ – What is the difference between the float rooms and the float pods? One of our most frequently asked questions is about the difference between our float rooms and our float pods. This post is all about helping you understand our tank differences and similarities. First and foremost, our float pods and float rooms… Continue reading

  • Float On: How Salty Water and Silence Are Changing Some St. Louisans’ Lives

    We are pleased to be the featured cover story in this week’s River Front Times. For us here at FLOAT STL, floating is a practice and a tool for healing, connection, and growth. To be able to share our story, our vision, and our philosophy with the hundreds of thousands in St. Louis is a… Continue reading

  • Eric Hamblett x FLOAT STL

    Eric Hamblett is a co-owner at TechArtista, a co-working space in the Central West End, and the CEO of BazaarPass, a new company that helps brands grow their audience through events and membership. Eric spends his time between St. Louis and Chicago, and between his two business. We talked with Eric about his ventures, and how floating… Continue reading

  • Chris Holt x FLOAT STL

    Chris Holt is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of TechArtista, a collaborative working environment located in the Central West End. TechArtista provides a community space for small business owners and independent professionals. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of co-running a large community space, Chris finds time to float. We spoke with him about the… Continue reading

  • StrangeHouse Podcast #74: FLOAT STL

    We had the opportunity this week to sit down and connect with Corey and Wes from The Strange House. We discuss life, inspiration, floating, and passionate pursuits! Listen in as we bring Corey and Wes on a float journey of discovery and introspection! StrangeHouse Podcast is a weekly podcast about life, business, friends and positive energy.

  • Matthew Piva x FLOAT STL

    Matthew Piva is a barista and integral staff member at Sump Coffee. He approaches coffee with an air of tranquility and mindfulness, and we were very excited to speak with him about his first float and the ties he found between coffee and floating. How long have you been working in coffee, and how has… Continue reading

  • Radames Roldan x FLOAT STL

    Radames Roldan is a barista from Blueprint coffee who floats with us on a regular basis. Most notably, he came into FLOAT while he was training for a national barista competition he recently participated in. We had the opportunity to speak with Radames about the relationship between his passion for coffee and his experiences at… Continue reading