Floating and Pain Relief

“…it’s beginning to look as if the specific remedy for any eruption of pain in your life is to find your way quickly to the nearest float tank, plop in, and spend an hour pumping up your endorphin levels and avoiding the pain-increasing effects of anxiety.” – Michael Hutchinson, from “Floating for Relief of Pain.”… Continue reading

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  • FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Hilary Sedovic

    Hi there, floaters! This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our wonderful staff members, Hilary Sedovic. As a formal introduction, you can find her bio on our about us page, or read about her here: “Like most of the pivotal encounters in her life, Hilary’s first exposure to floating was purely serendipitous. After… Continue reading

  • Frequent Floater – Stacy Sullivan

    Stacy Sullivan is a frequent floater and wellness enthusiast. A few years back, she left the wine and spirits industry to open an infrared sauna studio, called Sol Sweat, which is located in Kirkwood, MO.  Inspired by her desire to efficiently share solutions for optimal health, she is currently launching a STL wellness directory, Sol… Continue reading

  • Compassionate Gift Giving

    The anticipation starts to build when you place the perfectly wrapped present into your loved one’s hand. They slowly unravel the ribbon, taking care to open the package without ripping it. You can see in their eyes, the very moment they realize what it contained, warmth radiates. You feel connected. A momentary expression of love… Continue reading

  • Floating & Holiday Stress

    Hello floaters! The holiday season is upon us! While this season can bring us much heart-felt joy and connection, it also ushers in stressful events, relationships, and memories that trigger unpleasant feelings in our bodies and minds. I’m going to assume that this isn’t news to you! Maybe it’s just the micro-culture I operate in… Continue reading

  • stacked rocks

    Floating and Travel

    Hello, readers! Today, we have a special blog post for you. Instead of talking about a general area of interest, we thought we would post about a personal floating experience. We hope you enjoy! I have just returned from a vacation with my husband, and I have some post-vacation floating-related thoughts to share! Our vacation… Continue reading

  • FAQ – Can couples float together?

    Yes, you can absolutely float at the same time as a loved one. We have four private float rooms, and couples often reserve two spots at the same time so they can share the floating experience. However, you can not float in the same tank as your loved one. Our float tanks are spacious but… Continue reading

  • Frequent Floater – Dorian Tomace

    Dorian Tomace is a Saint Louis transplant, hailing from the east coast. After she generously offered her time and knowledge to support our 2017 RISE float conference, we asked if she would do us one more favor by chatting with us about her floating experience. Dorian talks about the importance of openness and curiosity, self-care, friendship, and how floating fits into the whole picture. We hope you enjoy! Continue reading

  • FLOAT STL Cleaning Procedures

    Our water’s cleanliness is a top priority for us – we can’t emphasize this enough. It’s a behind-the-scenes aspect of the floating process and we’re excited to help you learn more about it. We’ve gathered and answered a handful of cleaning-related FAQs. We hope you enjoy! Continue reading

  • FAQ –  Can I float if I have my period?

    Yes! You can float during your menstrual cycle. For sanitary reasons, we ask that you please use a tampon. Tampons are provided for you in FLOAT STL’s restroom. Plus, floating can enrich your menstruation experience. We are aware of rituals in which women experience their menstruation in solitude. They devote time during their cycle to… Continue reading

  • Jennae Herring

    FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Jennae Herring

    Hi there, floaters! This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members, Jennae Herring. As a formal introduction, you can find her bio on our about us page: “Raised in rural Illinois by a laissez-faire family, she developed a fiercely independent mind with an affinity for the fantastical. As… Continue reading