Floating & Stress Relief

Hmm…stress. Good ol’ stress. Stress is biological, personal, and social. It lives in our bodies, minds, and environments, and it affects us on all cylinders! Whether we believe our stress is a result of what we carry within us, how the world we live in affects us, or a combination of both – our personal […]

Floating for a Positive Mood

Good morning, floaters! Is it just me, or are you feeling ready to walk our beautiful Saint Louis parks abloom with flowering cherry trees, to make way for gaggles of baby ducklings, and to find the poet in your heart arrested by a sea of lavender crocuses as they slowly peak their noses through the […]

FAQ – Can couples float together?

Yes, you can absolutely float at the same time as a loved one. We have four private float rooms, and couples often reserve two spots at the same time so they can share the floating experience. However, you can not float in the same tank as your loved one. Our float tanks are spacious but […]

FLOAT STL Cleaning Procedures

Our water’s cleanliness is a top priority for us – we can’t emphasize this enough. It’s a behind-the-scenes aspect of the floating process and we’re excited to help you learn more about it. We’ve gathered and answered a handful of cleaning-related FAQs. We hope you enjoy!

FAQ –  Can I float if I have my period?

Yes! You can float during your menstrual cycle. For sanitary reasons, we ask that you please use a tampon. Tampons are provided for you in FLOAT STL’s restroom. Plus, floating can enrich your menstruation experience. We are aware of rituals in which women experience their menstruation in solitude. They devote time during their cycle to […]

Tools for Relaxation while Floating

A few months ago, we introduced you to The Law of Reversed Effort, which states: the harder you try to achieve mental silence, the more mental quietude will escape you. While it is tempting to resist mental noise, we made the suggestion that you practice acceptance instead. For instance, if during your float, your mind […]

FAQ – Is there a typical float user?

Not that we are aware of! We have provided floats to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Moms, Dads, grandparents, professionals, leisure-ites, teachers, police officers, lawyers, artists, yogis, meditators, non-meditators. Some people have prior knowledge of floating, but most do not! Our customer’s post-float glow does not discriminate! There are several […]

Assumptions about Mental Chatter and Floating

“If I want to have a positive floating experience, then my mind needs to be completely quiet…90-minutes! How can I shut off my mind for that long? What if I can’t stop thinking…can I still benefit from this floating thing?” Sound familiar? The idea that your mind must be quiet while you float is one […]

FAQ – Claustrophobia

Every day, we receive questions and concerns about claustrophobia. And every day, people who struggle with claustrophobia exit their float and talk to us about it. They say things like, “wow, these tanks are so much larger than I imagined…I didn’t feel closed in…I didn’t feel trapped…that wasn’t scary at all…that was really amazing…” It’s […]

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