Travel, Friends, Relaxation, and Floating | The Float Digest with Kevin McCulloch

Dorian Tomace and Kevin McCulloch sit down to talk floating and its impact on Dorian’s travel, friendships, and relaxation. Dorian is a friend of FLOAT STL and a frequent guest when she isn’t traveling the world. She tells us how floating has fit perfectly into her eventful life. Kevin McCulloch is the owner of FLOAT […]

Creativity, Relationships, PTSD, and Floating | The Float Digest with Kevin McCulloch

Clarence Jackson and Kevin McCulloch sit down to talk floating and its impact on Clarence’s creativity, relationships, and PTSD Clarence is a 21 year USMC veteran who spent time in the Gulf War. Now is a poet and an actor, and a friend to us. He speaks about difficulty he has faced in life and […]

Performance, Recovery, Family, and Floating | The Float Digest with Kevin McCulloch

Zach Turnure and Kevin McCulloch sit down to talk floating and its impact on Zach’s performance, recovery, and family. Zach is a 22 year old student at Lindenwood University studying business. Zach played football for Ohio State University as a walk on. Ohio State is where Zach first encountered the float experience. Kevin McCulloch is […]

Floating For Insomnia and Improved Sleep Quality

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have struggled with tossing and turning in bed all night, or waking up with a start at 3AM, unable to get back to sleep. When this pattern builds over time, people begin to experience symptoms of sleep deprivation, which is known to have negative effects on […]

Floating for a Positive Mood

Good morning, floaters! Is it just me, or are you feeling ready to walk our beautiful Saint Louis parks abloom with flowering cherry trees, to make way for gaggles of baby ducklings, and to find the poet in your heart arrested by a sea of lavender crocuses as they slowly peak their noses through the […]

Compassionate Gift Giving

The anticipation starts to build when you place the perfectly wrapped present into your loved one’s hand. They slowly unravel the ribbon, taking care to open the package without ripping it. You can see in their eyes, the very moment they realize what it contained, warmth radiates. You feel connected. A momentary expression of love […]

Floating & Holiday Stress

Hello floaters! The holiday season is upon us! While this season can bring us much heart-felt joy and connection, it also ushers in stressful events, relationships, and memories that trigger unpleasant feelings in our bodies and minds. I’m going to assume that this isn’t news to you! Maybe it’s just the micro-culture I operate in […]

Frequent Floater – Dorian Tomace

Dorian Tomace is a Saint Louis transplant, hailing from the east coast. After she generously offered her time and knowledge to support our 2017 RISE float conference, we asked if she would do us one more favor by chatting with us about her floating experience. Dorian talks about the importance of openness and curiosity, self-care, friendship, and how floating fits into the whole picture. We hope you enjoy!

FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Zach Hector

Hi there, floaters! This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members, Zach Hector. As a formal introduction, you can find his bio on our about us page: “Zach is a Saint Louis native and has lived and worked in several major metropolitan cities including: Los Angeles, Chicago […]

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