FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Zach Hector

Hi there, floaters! This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members, Zach Hector.

As a formal introduction, you can find his bio on our about us page: “Zach is a Saint Louis native and has lived and worked in several major metropolitan cities including: Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. From an early age, Zach has been a natural explorer and curious about the mysteries of the world. After working in a corporate environment for several years, Zach needed a change of pace and gave up the security of his job to travel and follow his dreams of exploration. He joined FLOAT SLT directly upon returning from backpacking throughout SE Asia, and has visited five of the seven continents of the world. Floating has helped Zach become a more organized and grounded individual, learning to turn dreams into a reality. Floating is a “tool to become connected to the truth within” for Zach. He is currently studying for his undergraduate degree in psychology and hopes to one day go to Law school.”

Zach Hector

When hanging out with Zach this week, we had the chance to ask him a few questions. “Can you tell us something new about yourself? Something that you didn’t mention in your official bio? Something in addition to your interest in travel, psychology, your aspirations to become a lawyer, and your self-development? Maybe, something about you that you like and that you think our floaters wouldn’t guess?”

Even though we work with Zach every day, his answers remind us that practicing curiosity is a great way to learn something new and fun about someone we already know well.

Zach told us that he finds astrology to be a fun way to connect with people. He knows all the signs and is a novice chart reader. He told us that he’s not an album or artist guy, musically speaking. But when he finds songs that speak to him, he listens to them on repeat for weeks or months at a time. Growing up, Zach lived in a farm house on the current river in Salem, MO, so he loves river activities like floating, camping, and cliff diving. His favorite wine is Pinot Noir and he claims to have “monkey feet,” meaning, he can pick things up with his toes. Finally, he says that some days, he can sense when it’s going to be a rainy day before he looks out the window in the morning.

We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to get to know Zach better. If you are an astrology lover, grew up enjoying the outdoors, enjoy a good Pinot, or if you sense weather changes in your own way, strike up a conversation with Zach! You’ll be so happy you did, and he’ll be very glad to connect with you.

Zach Hector

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