Member Series – Phanuel

In this video Phanuel talks about how before his first float he felt both interested and nervous.

He was familiar with the experience of claustrophobia and concern for being in an enclosed space that was completely quiet.

Floating has helped to improve his mindset by creating a safe separation from the outside world.

Phanuel Kavita, Captain of Saint Louis FC, shares with us about the evolution of his floating practice.

As a professional soccer player, Phanuel is under a great deal of stress to perform.

He reports receiving benefits from floating that help his body including a reduction of soreness, aches, and pains.

In addition to helping his body, Phanuel talks about how floating has helped in healing his mind.

Phanuel playing soccer

He says that floating is his happy place. It helps him to relax and feel mellows. For him, floating is like a breath of fresh air.

When Phanuel floats his mind is cleared and he is able to feel relaxed.

Through being able to isolate on a specific area, he is able to apply focus, and help his body to heal.

Because of floating so often, Phanuel reports being able to play every minute of every single game last season.

When Phanuel first began floating he was doing it for the purposes of performance. Now that his practice has evolved he is also floating for mental wellness and clarity.

He says that because of being able to manage and organize his mind,

he is able to be the happy person that he wants to be.

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