Member Series – Kathe

In this video Kathe talks about how her first couple of floats were not great, but she really fell into the depth of her relaxation on Float #3.

For Kathe, organization and productivity have always been very important. She lives a crazy schedule and for her it has been difficult to find ways to experience down time.

Kathe was originally introduced to floating through her husband Brian. Brian was floating with regularity and Kathe experienced his stress relief and joy when he returned home from his floats.

Kathe was curious to explore this for herself so she gave it a try. In her first session she found it difficult to relax as she continued to think about work matters and personal issues.

She came out of her first session and told her husband that she really wasn’t that into it. The team at FLOAT STL recommended she try it a couple more times and she did.

Her second float was also not that great, but she did sense that her experience was improving. She wanted to continue to share these experiences with her husband so she returned for a third visit.

On her third session she was finally able to let go of her stress and she fell asleep in a deeply relaxed state.

Now that she is floating with more regularity Kathe finds that she is able to be more productive in a calm and spacious manner. She attributes this to her mind being more organized.

After floating she is able to get more accomplished in a workday or workweek than ever before.

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