Floatation Therapy Benefits for Women

A special message from our amazing women to our amazing women:

The purpose of this post is to address topics that are specific to your body and your experience. We’ll make floating recommendations and address contra-indications for vaginal burning, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, periods, and pregnancy.

Our hope is that this post will ease any embarrassment you may feel around topics related to your body, and help you know that you can ask us any questions at any time!

Vaginal Burning

We find that when this happens to women, they exit their float and rush out the door, feeling embarrassed! We want you to know that it is absolutely not uncommon to experience vaginal burning during a float.

Here is what we have found. Burning can be a result of small fissures that may occur due to sexual intercourse or using certain types of contraception. Other times, burning may mean that your cycle is about to begin, or that your body is staving off a UTI or YI (see below).

Sometimes, burning subsides after a few minutes. Other times, it persists. If you are uncomfortable and do not want to continue your float, please exit your tank, and we will help you find another time to come in (free of charge). We assume that you will probably be most comfortable speaking to another female staff member about this issue, so if you exit your float and find only male staff members, give us a call and one of the ladies will contact you ASAP.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) & Yeast Infection (YI)

These medical conditions will disrupt your float experience. Magnesium Sulfate exacerbates burning and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with these infections. If you have a UTI or YI, please call us to re-schedule your float.


You are welcome to float during your menstrual cycle. For sanitary reasons, we ask that you please use the same precautions you would use if you were going to the pool. Probably, a tampon or a Diva Cup. Tampons are provided for you in FLOAT STL’s restroom.

Floating can enrich your menstruation experience. We are aware of rituals in which women experience their menstruation in solitude. They honor their body’s cycle, heed their inner voices, and search the deepest parts of their being. Floating is the perfect environment to honor yourself in this way.


We are so excited that you are going to float during your pregnancy! Once your doctor rules out any contra-indications that may be specific to you, we can confidently say that floating will be fantastic for both you and your baby. We think you deserve to feel as much ease and relief as is possible during your pregnancy, and we know that floating delivers.

Please enjoy this more specific information about pregnancy and floating:

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)

Epsom Salt will decrease aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Magnesium is completely natural. It reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles that are responsible for contraction, repairs body tissues, interferes with pain receptors, regulates blood sugar levels, and helps to increase serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Magnesium will help your sweet baby too, as it is an essential ingredient in healthy bone and organ formation. Plus, magnesium is one of the main components of mother’s milk!

Weightlessness, renewal, and pressure/pain relief

All people who float experience total weightlessness, and this weightlessness feels especially relieving to women in their second and third trimesters. Gravity puts tension and pressure on your pregnant body – imagine 90 minutes of total relief for both you and your baby!


Simple fact: floating will absolutely improve the quality of your sleep. Many women report that their baby is more restful after a float.

Emotional connection

We are aware that pregnancy (and the post-partum period) brings intense and sometimes uncomfortable emotions. The floating environment can help emotions shift. You will have space to relax, drift away from fatigue, anxiety, and frustration, and towards a greater sense of calm. Plus – for those who are curious about a deeply connecting experience with their baby – remember that the womb-like structure of the floating tanks mirrors your baby’s environment. We just love this last piece!

Please note that we are not medical professionals. We make the following recommendations based on our research and personal experience. As a general rule, please contact your medical professional if you have additional concerns in any of these areas.

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