FLOAT STL Team Member ~ Hilary Sedovic

Hi there, floaters! This post offers you the opportunity to get to know one of our wonderful staff members, Hilary Sedovic.
As a formal introduction, you can find her bio on our about us page, or read about her here:

“Like most of the pivotal encounters in her life, Hilary’s first exposure to floating was purely serendipitous. After completing her first float, she felt that a deeper connection to herself and to others had been uncovered. Hilary continued to pursue this feeling both in and out of the tank – exploring mindfulness, identity, and the importance of human relationships with a more grounded and clear mind than she had ever experienced prior to floating.

When presented with the opportunity to join the FLOAT STL family, her heart immediately recognized that this was the next pivotal moment to which life had been leading her and a barred owl confirmed that this was, indeed, the path she was meant to embrace.

Given the intense sense of curiosity that she has possessed since birth, Hilary is extremely interested in further uncovering and sharing the gifts that floating may be able to offer to the world. A Licensed Master of Social Work, she is forever thinking in terms of systems and leverage points, interconnectedness, empowerment, equity, and access. As a native of St. Louis, Hilary feels a deep commitment to the community and looks forward to building relationships that will support community members and facilitate their journeys through floating.”

We recently had a chance to connect with Hilary and ask her to share a bit more about herself. Read below to learn more about what this creative woman shared with us:

“Something that floaters might not guess without having interacted with me in the space is that I have a deep interest in food! While I’ve always enjoyed eating, I became more invested in the things that I consume while living with my sister in college. She is a fantastic cook and a dietitian, so through cooking alongside her and peering over her shoulder while she was at the stove or reading a recipe, I learned how to feed myself and others in ways that are both nourishing and delicious. I feel a strong attachment with the feelings of love, joy, and family around food – I love cooking for people and sharing meals with others (as some of the team
members at Maryland Heights might tell you!). In my free time, you can most often find me chopping vegetables while binge-watching some TV show on my computer or listening to This American Life, Reveal, or Radiolab.”

We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to get to know Hilary better. If you are also passionate about supporting your community, food-lover, and/or podcast listener, strike up a conversation with Hilary! You’ll be so happy you did, and she’ll be very glad to connect with you.

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