Floating and Travel

Hello, readers! Today, we have a special blog post for you. Instead of talking about a general area of interest, we thought we would post about a personal floating experience. We hope you enjoy! I have just returned from a vacation with my husband, and I have some post-vacation floating-related thoughts to share! Our vacation […]

Frequent Floater – Jasmine Raskas

Jasmine Raskas is a local painter in STL. After her second float, she felt inspired to create a painting. We wondered if she would share her work with us, which she was absolutely willing to do. When Jasmine arrived with her painting, we were delighted to see it and chat about it. We feel grateful […]

Frequent Floater – David Neuman

David Neuman is a frequent floater here at FLOAT STL. He was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview and talk about his early morning floating practice. We hope you enjoy reading along! Welcome, David! How you originally learn about floating? I learned about it in college in the early 80s and […]

Frequent Floater – Roger E.

Roger is a local police officer and self-identified FLOAT STL disciple. He was generous enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and discuss his floating practice. We hope you enjoy reading highlights from our conversation! How did you originally learn about floating? I was having breakfast at a […]

Video Testimonials

Watch and listen as two of our customers explain their first float experience to Pat McGonigle of KSDK. Paul’s First Float Kelly’s First Float

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