Video Contest

Win 25 Free Floats!

Our mission at FLOAT STL is to create even greater access to more people for this restorative practice. You can help us in this mission by participating in this Video Contest. To participate we are asking that you provide us with a video clip of less than 60 seconds where you share with us one of four things:

If you have floated with us before please tell us:

  1. What you love about floating?
  2. How does/has floating helped you?
  3. What you love about your FLOAT STL experience?

If you have never floated before:

  • What benefit you hope to receive from your float experience? How would you like it to help you?

Our plan is then to utilize the submissions to help us share the story of floating with the St. Louis community and beyond!

Contest Details
  • We will stop receiving submissions on midnight December 31st.
  • We will select one entry at random to win the Grand Prize of 25 floats to be used in the 2019.
  • These floats can be either 60 or 90 minute floats.
  • They can be used at either of our 2 locations and they can be shared with friends or family.
  • Every person who enters and does not win will also be presented with a special discount code to be used as appreciation for your efforts.
  • This code will be shared with all participants at the time the winner is announced.
  • We will announce the winner via email and social media on Monday, January 7th.

Submit Your Video (60 Seconds Max)

This contest ended on 12/31/2018.

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