“I can always choose Peace”

Among many of my passions, Creative Expression, Self Development & Holistic Healing, are some that stand out. I’ve always been drawn to the arts and exploring expression through visual mediums like ceramics, painting, and photography.

I am very passionate about exploring the art of self inquiry and self development. Navigating through life challenges has shown me how valuable incessant growth and mindfulness are to me. Learning about these concepts have revealed the essential role healing holistically plays in growth and transformation.

I’ll also add that I am tremendously passionate about language and cultural exploration! As humans, I believe we are more alike than we are different, but learning about our differences and how to respect them brings us closer together. It’s also just super interesting to shift perspectives to that of others from all walks of life!

Connecting with nature is another strong passion and hobby of mine. Activities like gardening, canoeing, hiking, grounding, walking in the rain, and just sitting outside all help me feel complete.

I love that floating presents an opportunity to experience what is often suppressed in our daily routines. It’s a wonderful way to practice in stillness and do absolutely nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

I love that FLOAT STL truly cares and values demonstrating holistic care that aims to include and support everyone’s experience. Having the chance to float and deepen my connection with myself, and the float community in such a nurturing environment is amazing. It is such a genuinely supportive work environment that I am exponentially grateful to be part of.

I have so many dreams. I dream of being the best friend, daughter, sister, and version of myself that I can be! I dream of creating meditation retreats. I dream of becoming trilingual in the next 10 years to expand my cultural understanding of different communities. I dream of becoming a life coach to help people create the life that they want to live. I dream of having the freedom and means to travel to as many different countries as I can.

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