Yann Estaque

Yann is a native St. Louisian. After extensive travel, he is grateful to reconnect with his hometown. For Yann, floating has been a blessing in many different ways. He finds FLOAT STL to be a lovely space in which to ground himself between his extra-national jaunts. You can often find him reading with a view […]

Jordan Baner

An affirmation I refer to is, “I could be doing way better right now, but I’ve felt way worse before. This is simply a time that is demanding more from me. I’m passionate about disc golfing! It’s very therapeutic for me and also fuels my competitive side, great balance of the two. I love floating […]

Paige Wilder

An affirmation I refer to is “Bring the thunder”. Back story: My dad and I were watching the show Grey’s Anatomy and one of the characters, Maggie Pierce, said this phrase and it just stuck with us. It helps me understand that I am confident, capable, and ready to take on anything without any fear. […]

Emma Bright

I find benefit in reminding myself this moment is safe, this moment is whole, this moment is complete. I am passionate about connecting with others through personal stories and shared experiences. I believe we all can positively influence one another’s self-discovery, transformation, and growth with open hearts and vulnerable conversations. I often creatively explore these […]

Grace Flaherty

I believe that I’m in charge of my own happiness and because of this I emphasize the importance of making the most of every situation. I’m passionate about learning. Every day is an opportunity for exploration of myself and the world around me. I love floating because it’s my escape from reality that I didn’t […]

Jessica Goddard

I am passionate about writing and storytelling. I love hearing other people’s stories and seeing the world from their perspective. I often find myself writing poetry and short stories in my free time. It’s not uncommon for me to be reading two to three books at a time. I love floating because it’s returning to […]

Nikki Hurless

I’m passionate about building self-awareness and crafting a balance in my life, and helping others do the same. I love floating because it’s a space and time just for me and myself. The majority of my time is spent in service to others, so those moments that are just for me are very special. I […]

Melissa Johanning

 I am passionate about exploring. From exploring in nature to new ways of being creative, you can usually catch me planning my next adventure in my downtime. As a Massage Therapist, I tend to be hyper-aware of the aches and pains in my body, especially the ones I take on from clients. Floating allows me […]

Olivia Coplin

I am passionate about being a hype-man: Making people feel supported and capable is important to me. I am passionate about opportunities to learn about people’s emotions and stories because that’s what makes us who we are/how we learn. What I love about floating is the immediate source of inner truth and peace. I love FLOAT […]

Nina Kramer

I am passionate about uplifting others! I enjoy bringing kindness to everyone’s everyday life and helping everyone find their inner peace and happiness! Being able to work at FLOAT STL has made that possible for me because I truly get to meet with each person that comes in and share with them a bit of […]

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